Medicare Auction Conference, Inn and Conference Center [Program in pdf, Register]
University of Maryland, Friday, 1 April 2011

Registration and Breakfast (8am)

  • Welcome (8:30am)

–      Peter Cramton, Professor of Economics, University of Maryland

–      Jonathan Blum, Deputy Administrator, CMS

–      How it works

–      Why it addresses the problems of the current CMS approach (Round 1 Rebid)

Morning break (9:45am)

  • Auction demonstration (10:15am), Peter Cramton and Larry Ausubel, University of Maryland

A mock auction is conducted with all participants using the proposed rules and a commercial auction platform. Each team is given a specific business plan and asked to maximize profits. There are four steps:

  1. Description of the mock auction environment
  2. Description of the auction platform and the mechanics of bidding
  3. Running of the auction (first few rounds)

Lunch (12:15pm) occurs after approximately 1 or 2 rounds of bidding

  1. Running of the auction (remaining rounds) (1:15pm)
  2. Presentation of auction results
  • First panel: Sustainability, market structure, and beneficiary choice (2:15pm)

Moderated by Lance Leggitt, Chair, Federal Health Policy, Baker Donelson
Paul Gabos, Chief Financial Officer, Lincare
Amy Law, Vice President Government and Healthcare Strategy, KCI, Inc.
Nancy Lutz, Program Director, Economics, National Science Foundation
Joel Marx, Chairman, Medical Service Company
Zachary Schiffman, President, United States Medical Supply

Afternoon break (3pm)

  • Second panel: Product design and ensuring performance (3:30pm)

–      Optimization of products and regions

–      Financial guarantees (bid and performance bonds or deposits)

Moderated by Thomas Milam, Member of Program Advisory and Oversight Committee (PAOC)
Cara Bachenheimer, Senior Vice President Government Relations, Invacare Corporation
Michael Iskra, Chief Operating Officer, Simplex Healthcare
Scott Lloyd, Co-founder and President, Extrakare LLC
Mike Pfister, Executive Vice President Government Affairs, The SCOOTER Store
John Shirvinsky, Executive Director, Pennsylvania Association of Medical Suppliers

  • Final panel: What have we learned? (4:15pm)

Moderated by Peter Cramton, Professor of Economics, University of Maryland
Tom Bradley, Chief, Medicare Cost Estimates, Congressional Budget Office
Walt Gorski,  Vice President, Government Affairs, American Association for Homecare
Nancy Johnson, 24-year Congresswoman (R-CT), Senior Public Policy Advisor, Baker Donelson
Thomas Kruse, President and CEO, Hoveround Corporation
Evan Kwerel, Senior Economic Advisor, Federal Communications Commission
Wayne Sale, Chairman, NAIMES, and President and CEO, Health First

Conference end (5pm)