From 1995 to 2016, Market Design Inc. offered consulting services in the design of auction markets. MDI advised governments and firms worldwide on the design of electronic markets for telecommunications, electricity, business-to-business e-commerce, mineral rights, and other assets.

Major projects:

  • Design auction market for rough diamonds.
  • Design auction and suggest market reforms for British Columbia timber market.
  • Design and implement auction to sell electricity capacity in France for Electricite de France and in Belgium for Electrabel.
  • Design and implement auction to sell gas capacity in Germany and France.
  • Design and implement U.K. auction to procure greenhouse gas emission reductions.
  • Design and implement spectrum auctions in U.S., Canada and Mexico.
  • Comment on design of spectrum auctions in Australia and U.S.
  • Design and implement electricity auctions in California and New England
  • Design auctions to divest electricity generation plants and power purchase agreements in U.S. and Canada.