For our analyses we make expert use of the latest versions of the most powerful tools available on two state-of-the-art servers, each with 12 Xeon core processors, 48 GB of RAM, and many TBs of hard disk storage. In addition, we utilize Amazon Web Services for cloud computing when hundreds of cores are required to address computationally intensive tasks.

Data visualization. Tableau is the world’s leading tool for data visualization. Complex markets and dynamic auctions typically involve a large amount of data. A simple and powerful tool for visually making sense of the data is essential for decision makers.

Mathematical analysis. Mathematica is a superb tool for all kinds of mathematical analysis including simulation of alternative auction designs. We also use MatLab.

Optimization. CPLEX and Gurobi are the world’s best optimizing engines for linear, quadratic, and integer programming. These are essential tools in both identifying winners and pricing packages in auctions in which bidders can bid on packages of items (combinatorial auctions).

Statistical analysis. Stata is a leading tool for data analysis and statistics. We use this tool to organize data in convenient forms and then perform statistical analysis.

Presentation. Microsoft Office is still the best tool for producing reports and presentations that communicate the results of our analyses. We often use Excel as the interface for bidding tools, since users are comfortable working in the Excel environment, even when more powerful databases and optimizers are computing in the background.