Applicant Auction

for Top-Level Domains

In 2012, we designed an auction for resolving string contention for generic Top-Level Domains (gTLDs). We tested the design in experiments with PhD students and industry participants, and organized several workshops with gTLD applicants. Cramton Associates’ partner company Innovative Auctions has taken the auction design and brought it to the market as the Applicant Auction. Innovative Auctions is the Facilitator of the auction, working with an international law firm as the neutral party. Although we do not operate the auction, we frequently advise the Auction Manager team at Innovative Auctions in various aspects of their work. 

Please visit the Applicant Auction website for details.

The strings (generic top-level domains; size indicates number of applications for string)

The applicants (bidders; size indicates number of applications in contention)