Update on Applicant Auction Conference

Dear Applicants and other Stakeholders,
If you are coming to Los Angeles for ICANN’s Prioritization Draw on December 17, I recommend that you stay another day and attend the Applicant Auction Conference at the nearby Marriott Santa Monica (a 20 minute taxi ride) on December 18. The all day conference (8:30 am to 5 pm) will provide an excellent opportunity for you to learn more about how best to resolve string contentions. While we will focus on the Applicant Auction plan, the content is highly relevant to any other private plan as well as the ICANN Last-Resort Auction. Thus, if you have a string in contention, you will benefit from participating.
A highlight of the event will be a highly realistic mock auction in which applicants compete in competitive auctions using the proposed design of the Applicant Auction on a state-of-the-art auction platform. The auction design is identical to the ICANN Last-Resort Auction, except that the winner’s payment is split equally among the sellers (those not bidding the highest for the particular string). This kind of mock auction has proven highly effective to participants attempting to understand issues of bidding silagra strategy, as well as the mechanics of bidding, in similar auction settings. Learning about strategy is relevant to any private auction as well as to the ICANN Last-Resort Auction.
Many of you have already registered for the conference. For those who have not here are relevant links:
  1. Register here for the conference (registration is required, but free); it only takes a few minutes.
  2. You may want to book a room at the Marriott Santa Monica here (or call Beth +1 310 899 6111 and mention Cramton Associates); alternatively you can simply extend your stay at another hotel and taxi over in the morning.
To better understand what the Applicant Auction is about please take a look at the following two posts on CircleID:
Finally if you want to get into the technical details of bidding incentives and bidding strategy take a look at our research paper on the topic:
We look forward to a most productive exchange on December 18. For further updates I recommend following @ApplicantAuc.
Kind regards,
Peter Cramton, Chairman
Cramton Associates, LLC